Fundraising for schools

To make children aware of the fact that not all children are as well off as children in The Netherlands, getting them involved in a fundraising campaign is always a good idea.

To get the children personally involved, we have created a questionnaire that helps children think about the things they have that a lot of other children do not have, and about why these things are important to them. We like to encourage the children to compose a list of things that are important for them. The goal of the fundraiser will be to put together packages with the items on the list for the children in Jordan.

The best thing is, of course, to have all the items packed by the children themselves. That way they have a feel of what they have accomplished with their fundraiser. If possible, each child can put together a package for another child and add a personal letter or card to the package.

All the packages will be marked with the name of the school and the names of the children that have participated in English and Arabic. We will make sure the packages are distributed locally and post pictures of this on our website.


Of course, a fundraiser to raise money is also welcome. In that case, the questionnaire can be used as a guideline.

For more information you can contact Ingeborg at