We want a better life for bedouin families without compromising old customs and traditions


We are four women who have lost their hearts to Jordan and its people. Especially after experiencing the hospitality and kindness of the Bedouin of Jordan.

We aim to support these people and help them create a better future for themselves through – amongst other things – temporary (financial) aid and local projects to increase self-reliance without compromising old customs and traditions.

We do this by listening to and cooperating with local leaders and contact persons of this community. They are our eyes and ears and know what problems there are that need to be tackled.

At this moment, financial aid is the most necessary. Many families depend on income from foreign tourists, and due to Corona, very few tourists have visited the Aqaba area.  

In the coming years, we plan to set up projects to improve home safety and living circumstances, as well as support the families by supplying the basic needs products such as food and personal hygiene products. With the breathing room this creates, we hope to help these families on their way to a self-supporting existence.

To finance these projects, we need your donation.

All donations are applied to the cause, our board members are not compensated for their effort and most of the costs of the foundation are paid out of our own pockets.

bedoeïenen kinderen
wadi rum

The board

Karen Swarts       – secretary

Rommy van der Ree  -treasurer

Ingeborg Swarts   – chairman

Lies van Ommen   – general board member

Art. 3, paragraph 5. Board members are not compensated for their efforts.


The organization was founded in 2020.

Chamber of Commerce   – 80853579

ANBI (PBO) number – 8618 25 913

IBAN bank – NL53INGB0007151943 / account name: René Alexander Swarts Stichting