Project TAZEZ

Our project for 2021-2022: TAZEZ after Covid-19

We are committed to helping the Arab people in Jordan, in the spirit of René, and we try to accomplish this – among other things – by offering short-term help in times of need to help them build on their future without losing their own identity.

Jordan ranks 3rd in the world of countries with a water shortage. This makes life hard in this region. Poor families have always struggled, but Corona has made life virtually impossible for a lot of people. Even if the families were not hit directly by the lack of foreign tourists since March 2020. A lot of families depend on the gifts of others, as is common in the Arab world: people help each other. But, if the people helping do not have an income anymore, they cannot help anybody. And families in Jordan are often large, which means a lot of children suffer from poverty.  

The past year we felt that helping support families in their daily needs was what was needed most. Daily needs such as food, clothing, and personal hygiene. In that context, we have been distributing basic food packages to families that needed this the most. The packages have been purchased and composed locally, so the local economy could benefit also. A lot of local shopkeepers were willing to cooperate in this effort. The packages were distributed under the supervision of Mukhtar Ahmad Abu Mahfouz, who was able to secure the help of the local Red Cross department and local Police Force in Aqaba.

At this moment we have a cooperation with Nida Schweikh from Asomou Association and Mukhtar Ahmad Abu Mahfouz (and through him with the local Red Cross of Aqaba). In Nida Schweikh and Asomou Association (Jordanian National Forum for Women), we found a local contact who will organize and supervise the execution of this project together with Mukhtar Abu Mahfouz and will make sure the appropriate approval of the Jordanian and/or local government are acquired.
They are our eyes and ears in the community, know which problems there are and which families qualify for the help we want to offer. Together, we have outlined our next project.

There are a few conditions that need to be met to be able to clear the way to a future in which families can support themselves again.
Many families have no or very little income and have lived in poverty for a longer period. They often do have a roof over their head, but they lack basic amenities that make a house a haven for a family. Many households do not have a refrigerator, which is indispensable if you want to keep your food safe in Jordan’s climate.
Wall outlets are missing, or there has been no electricity or water at all because the bills could not be paid. Besides that, there are no or insufficient means to provide for daily meals, let alone for personal hygiene products.

In the next two years, we will help at least 25 families that are living under the poverty level on the road to a better future by relieving them from their daily worries with a 3-part plan.

  1. Make sure the living environment is safe
  2. Supply basic food for the family for 1 year
  3. Give information and guidance about education and employment possibilities

To fund these activities we depend on private donations and donations from businesses.
Our foundation has ANBI-status in the Netherlands, so all donations are tax-deductible. All donations are applied to the projects.
Our board does not receive any compensation for their efforts and most of the costs of the foundation are paid out of our own pockets.