Now it gets real…

25 Februari 2021, now it gets real…

Finally, the iDeal connection is up and running. We can receive donations!

It was a difficult puzzle, but now that everything seems to work all frustration has been forgotten.
Especially since the first donations are coming in now.


We’re almost there…

20 Februari 2021, we’re almost there…

RASS stichting voro Jordanie

We are almost there. The bank account is now a fact, although it took some time.

And after much blood, sweat, and tears, the website is also in the air. Because e we try to save on the costs, we have to do everything ourselves. That means a lot of learning time and even more patience.

But… the website seems to work, and thanks to Mukhtar Abu Mahfouz we even have stickers with our logo to put on the food packages.

We are in business…

11 November 2020 – We are in business…

What started as an idea, is now a fact: we are starting a foundation to help underprivileged families in Jordan. There are four of us in the car and since this is the era of Corona we have our masks at hand. Just in case we run into a police officer.

There we go, on our way to the notary to sign the necessary paperwork.

Because of Corona, only three of us can enter the office. One of us has to sign for one of us, even though all of us are her. Not very logical, but very Dutch I guess. Oh well, all for the good cause.  

And after an hour we leave the office as the board of the René Alexander Swarts Stichting.
That calls for a celebration: our first official board meeting is a fact.