Food packages

Eid al-Fitr

11 May 2021 – 120 children can shop for new clothes in honor of Eid al-Fitr

Because there were some funds left at the end of Ramadan, we have given out 120 ‘shopping vouchers of 10 Dinar each to children from the poorest families. With these vouchers, they could go shipping for a new outfit in a few cooperating clothing stores. This made Eid al-Fitr for these children extra special this year.

Special thanks to Mukhtar Abu Mahfouz, who negotiated a discount with the shop owners.

Request from SOS Children’s Village Aqaba

5 May 2021 – At the request of SOS Children’s Village Aqaba some meals have been given to families under their care

During the last week of Ramadan, we received a request from SOS Children’s Village Aqaba for Iftar meals for families that are under the care of this organization. After talking to Mukhtar Abu Mahfouz we decided to accommodate this request, even though we are a very small organization compared to this worldwide organization.

In the meantime, the group of volunteers that is helping with the logistics has grown tremendously. We are very happy that this action was successful.

The volunteers take a well-deserved break.

1.000 Iftar meals during Ramadan

26 april 2021 – Thanks to Green Religion B.V.: 1000 Iftar meals for Ramadan

Thanks to a nice donation from Green Religion B.V. we will prepare and distribute a thousand Iftar-meals for Ramanan. 

A 100 Iftar meals are prepared daily, under the watchful eye of Mukhtar Abu Mahfouz. 

The meals are distributed by Red Crescent volunteers and volunteers from the local Aqaba Police Force. The logistics of this operation are difficult because everything has to be done during the day. There is still a curfew because of Corona in Jordan. And the temperatures in Jordan are already rising considerably, which makes the Ramadan regime extra tough for the volunteers.

We are grateful to the Mukhtar and all the volunteers that are working hard to make this possible. 

The result of our support action

8 April 2021, thanks to our support action we were able to distribute more food packages

At the end of March and the beginning of April, another 30 food packages have been distributed. Because I was in Jordan, I have seen the packages prepared and distributed. It is heartwarming to see how many people voluntarily donate their time to help in this effort.

The package cost approximately 30-35 Dinar each, which is about 40—45 euros and contain mainly nutritious basic foods and some fresh vegetables and meat.

We would love to expand the packages with other basic products, but for now, we are very happy with what we can do with the donations we have received.


Support action ‘Food Aid Jordan’

12 March 2021, Food Aid Jordan (Steunactie ‘Voedselhulp Jordanië’) has started

Support Action Food Aid Jordan (Steunactie ‘Voedselhulp Jordanië’) has kicked off to a great start. In two days we have collected almost one thousand euros and with a substantial donation of 500 euros through the website, we will be able to distribute more food packages soon.

This action is ongoing, you can still send your donation with the link below.

steunactie voedselhulp Jordanië

The first food packages in name of RASS foundation

29 November 2020 – the first food packages have been distributed

The first food packages in name of the RASS foundation were distributed on 29 November.

ING bank has a backlog, so we still do not have a bank account and it seems this may take a while. That means we still cannot accept donations, so the first packages have been paid out of pocket.

Thanks to the cooperation with Mukhtar Ahmad Abu Mahfouz and his contacts with the Jordanian Red Crescent in Aqaba (Jordanian Redd Cross), we were able to help about 30 families with a basic food package for 2-3 weeks.

The packages contain nutritious basic foods such as rice, lentils, and beans, as well as fresh vegetables and chicken.

voedselpakket Aqaba